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The stability of the container trailer security

by:Lida Group     2020-06-30
Stability safety of container trailer, please

although container house is about moving house can, at any time, however, its quiet effect is nothing less than a normal house, live one container can do a window, and can do security doors, it is very comfortable and quiet house.

brick and planning of the house, a hole in the wall, it is very simple, the function is not certainly good, quiet and container trailer information is the house with steel plates welded together, doors and Windows are made of steel, is very strong, even if want to damage it, also need time, no hardware tools, cutting machine, is unable to open.

container trailer homes they quiet is not only related to the doors and Windows, and container trailer welding also has very big correlation, other, the thickness of the steel plate also plays a protective effect to the house.

container trailer factory to create a lot of container trailer used for temporary relief, container trailer more into the disaster area is short of building.

cost is low, the main distinguish if materials selection, trailer girder is the channel steel welding as a skeleton, with 530 container house factory goods components adopt bolt reinforcement is settled. information makes the floor board using solid magnesium light board plus the seal plate with established, surrounding the trailer have the requirement of anti earthquake and a hurricane.

coherent trailer factory expert points out, shandong container trailer in China will have a mall that cannot be ignored. Mobile home how much money a square meter of shandong mobile is a kind of convenient than force, fast.

is not affected by climate. Now container trailer manufacturing always adopt light steel skeleton after choi steel plate plan, its characteristic is to establish the construction period is very short, very fast, container trailer trailer factory data using the complex choi steel with heat preservation and heat insulation, clean and tidy appearance and other characteristics.

container trailer price of this kind of building is the most relevant to the disaster area using feature is its light weight, but planning and action team is good, good shock resistance, thought that the house can be repeatedly disassembling trailer factory, high rate of repeat use. Two layers of standard house eight 2 days can be finished assembling, so than the use of force in the disaster area citizens about building site.

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