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The steel structure project has realized factory and large-scale production

by:Lida Group     2022-03-09

Steel structure engineering has achieved factory and large-scale production

Now the steel structure is used more and more widely, steel structure engineering Naturally, it is more and more involved in this. No matter what the environment is, the steel structure should be tempered like a thousand cuts in order to become a really good steel structure project.

The steel structure project in the atmospheric environment is affected by sunlight, wind and sand, rain and snow, frost and dew and changes in temperature and humidity throughout the year. Among them, the oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere are the An important factor causing corrosion of outdoor steel structures, causing electrochemical corrosion. Industrial gases contain sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, etc. Although the content of these components is small, the corrosion hazards to steel structures cannot be ignored. Among them, sulfur dioxide has the greatest impact, and chlorine can make metal surfaces passivated. The film is destroyed. These gases dissolve in water and are acidic, forming acid rain and corroding metal facilities.

The marine atmosphere is characterized by a large amount of salt, mainly NaCl, and the salt particles settle on the metal surface, due to its hygroscopicity and increased surface The conductive effect of the liquid film and the chloride ion itself have a strong erosiveness, thus aggravating the corrosion of the metal surface. Steel structures corrode more severely the closer they are to the coast, and the rate of corrosion is many times higher in the double inland atmosphere. For various fields, we should take corresponding protective measures, whether it is anti-corrosion or fire prevention. All in all, only by protecting the steel structure project can we make our future more brilliant. The development of the steel structure engineering industry can be summarized as insisting on making the industry and enterprise bigger and stronger. The industry is made up of enterprises, and it cannot be said that the industry will become bigger and stronger without the enterprise. For us, development means expanding the industry and making the enterprise stronger. The transformation of the development mode of the steel structure industry needs to adapt to the circular economy and low-carbon economy.

Today is not what it used to be. The construction speed of steel structure projects is fast, the construction pollution is small, and the weight is light. The advantage makes it the future development trend. Today, many buildings have begun to use steel structures. Compared with traditional construction projects, the steel structure project has achieved factory-like and large-scale production. Compared with traditional construction projects, its construction period is short, on-site labor is small, labor productivity is high, and the quality is easy to guarantee.

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