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The strong practicability of container trailer is reflected in what respect?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-18
The use of container house is more and more widely. A lot of business district and the site have its shadow, and container after some kind of reform, its appearance fashion aesthetic. But the most main characteristics of container has strong practicability and got the promotion. The strong practicability of container house is reflected in what respect? Integrated box room, quick LCL, packaging box has a strong applicability, reflected in the actual: strong environmental protection: integrated cabinet room without YingDeHua pavement, thoroughly to ensure the application of land planting in agriculture, it is not easy to cause damage to vegetation, can limit the maintenance of the green ecological larger; 95% of the buildings building materials can be repeatedly used, very good for the environment maintenance. Assembling spirit: large-scale production, the assembly of modular design, completely can according to the overall lifting, generalization and composition, can overlay design to life and is full of whole of contemporary art. Economic development and convenient: out-of-the-box, short construction cycle time, commodity out prenatal on the structure of the house, and room of water, electricity and customized various requirements and, in the initialization of construction level to reduce 50% of the time. Durability: integration of compression chamber room with all kinds of aluminum frame, has the strong overall compression feature, with flexible control module connection, can absorb part of the earthquake disaster kinetic energy, it is not easy to collapse to death can do 9 magnitude seismic grade ability, suitable multiple regional earthquake disasters.
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