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The technical key points of the prefab house installation

by:Lida Group     2022-02-26
The technical key point of the installation of the prefab house is a common question that many good friends will ask our editor recently, so the editor will not say much and go straight to the topic: tell me the technical key points of the installation of the prefab house. If you are interested, you can bookmark this article and take the time to read it in detail. Then follow the editor to learn about this article!

1. The retaining plate (roof, wall) of the prefab house should be free from significant deformation and damage; fixed anchor bolts, moisture-proof sealing ring, metal material sealing ring, nylon plate tube, etc. . Detailed and reliable connection; sealant complete and effective.

2. The surface installation of the movable panel house should be stable, the overhangs should be vertical, and the overlapping orientation of the steel bars of the panels should be appropriate and consistent.

3. Adhesive board wall should be installed properly and the surface should be smooth. The installation of the embedded panel wall should be stable, the left and right steel bars should be overlapped with tongue and groove joints, and the bars on both sides should be overlapped with the bars downward, and the size of the overlapped bars should not be less than 15mm.

4. PVC pipes (slots) should be used for the wiring of electrical equipment in the prefab house, and the wiring should be neat and beautiful; the electrical equipment is equipped to meet the requirements of the design plan; the route has no insulation embrittlement and widening.

5. The flame retardancy of the prefab house: the safety distance should meet the design plan and standard requirements, the fire exit door should be smooth; the configuration of fire hydrants and fire extinguishers should meet the design plan requirements, and the layout should be reasonable; the restaurant kitchen and other fire accident sites The flame retardant and thermal insulation measures should be reasonable; the flame retardant grade of the metal material color steel sandwich panel should not be less than 32, and the flammable raw materials such as wood floors should be well flame retardant.

6. Lightning protection of the movable panel room: lightning protection and grounding settings conform to the design plan and standard requirements; the resistance of the grounding wire should be tested to meet the standard.

The above is all the content introduced for you, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can browse our website and we will provide you with more detailed information. You can also leave a message to the editor, we will provide you with online services 24 hours a day.

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