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The technical points of the prefab house installation

by:Lida Group     2022-02-26

The prefab house is a kind of temporary building, which is often used in the fields of temporary dormitory office, factory building, field work place, exhibition, warehouse and post of construction site workers. It can also be used in offices, headquarters, dormitories, warehouses, shops, toilets, equipment rooms and various temporary and mobile rooms in construction, railway, highway, water conservancy, petroleum, tourism, and military industries.

Seven technical points for the installation of prefabricated houses

1. The enclosure panels (roof panels and wall panels) of prefabricated houses should be free from obvious deformation and damage; fixing bolts, waterproof washers, metal washers, nylon sleeves, etc. Complete, reliable connection; complete and effective sealant.

2. The panels of the movable panel house should be installed smoothly, the cornices should be straight, and the overlapping direction of the panels should be correct and consistent.

3. The installation of attached wall panels should be arranged correctly and the surface should be flat; the installation of embedded wall panels should be flat, the upper and lower lap joints should be tongue-and-groove joints, and the outer panels should be lapped downward, and the lap length should not be less than 15mm.

4. PVC pipes (slots) should be used for the electrical wiring in the movable board room, and the wiring should be neat and beautiful; the electrical configuration should meet the design requirements; the wiring should be used without insulation aging and extension.

5. Fire resistance: The fire separation distance should meet the design and specification requirements, and the fire passage should be unobstructed; the configuration of fire hydrants and fire extinguishers should meet the design requirements, and the layout should be reasonable; fire prevention and heat insulation measures in kitchens and other fire places It should be effective; the oxygen index of metal-faced sandwich panels should not be lower than 32, and combustible materials such as wood floors should be treated with fire prevention.

6. Lightning protection: The lightning protection grounding setting meets the design and specification requirements; the grounding resistance should be tested and qualified.

7. Corrosion resistance: Steel components should be painted in good condition, without rust, and exposed bolts should be properly protected; the anti-corrosion measures in strong corrosive environments should meet the design requirements; the surrounding area of u200bu200bthe movable room should be drained smoothly, without stagnant water, and no sundries are allowed. .

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