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The three unique advantages of container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-10
The three unique advantages of container house

the three unique advantages of container trailer

( A) : shipping method is very sensitive, in order to cut items shipped on volume, monomer of container trailer in the process of transportation, the loading of the vessel is a form of container trailer components, can be for tightening the packing.

will container type activities inside the wall, door, window and the device is placed in between the bottom and the structure of roof structure, based on the monomer of container trailer of interior design, two or three, four monomer container room after tightening, can constitute a specification 20 ft container, down a base of transporting foil.

monomer of container trailer selects the specification container of the scale of the metric of the scale of the appearance, the four corners of the fixed Angle choose container corner pieces, suitable for container truck and container shipment.

( 2) : container trailer standardization and scale of produce. Component relative specification, not mixed and disorderly, components in the machining process is a temporary mechanization degree is higher, and end on the assembly line processing, guarantee the quality of the container trailer, considering the compactness of packing and shipping together, USES nested section.

( 3) : container room scene device is convenient and quick, container ready supply unit module for temporary building by the brief, and able to mass produce of consolidating the construction of basic structural unit.

general use don't need a concrete floor. Can cut a lot of the early stage of the construction cost and time. According to the practical work experience, can drop all project cost by 30%. Monomer of container trailer in the tank top and the bottom, the retaining plate and door window components made by factory of standardization, and cut the intensity of field device.
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