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The true face of light steel villa

by:Lida Group     2022-01-21

Light steel villas have a history of more than 20 years in China, but our understanding of modern light steel villas is still at a low level. For various reasons, it has not been widely promoted. For many people, light steel villas are still a new thing. Let me clarify some of my misconceptions about it. Misunderstanding 1: Light steel villas are too expensive, and ordinary people can't afford to buy light steel villas. They are very beautiful, and they are considered to be exclusive to the rich, making ordinary people discouraged. However, the truth is that the cost of light steel villas is not high, and ordinary farmers build small houses on homesteads, so there is no problem of land prices. The price of choosing to build a light steel villa is actually acceptable, and there is little difference between its economic cost and the cost of traditional housing. Misunderstanding 2: The material of the light steel villa is steel, which is easy to rust. Anti-rust treatment is carried out on the surface of steel components with high-efficiency anti-corrosion agents to ensure that the service life of light steel villas will be error-free for a hundred years. With cold-formed thin-walled light steel as the main weighing rod, the moist air will not corrode the light steel keel, will not rust, the steel plate will not become thinner, and the original strength can be maintained. The thickness is guaranteed, the rigidity is guaranteed, the impact resistance is guaranteed, and there will be no wall shaking or collapse. The entire exterior wall is moisture-proof and sealed with one-way breathing paper. This seal prevents indoor moisture from entering the room, while preventing harmful substances in the outdoor air from corroding metal materials. Indoor, aluminum foil-coated insulation cotton can completely isolate moist air from entering, avoiding direct exposure of metal structures to outdoor corrosive environments. The technology and product configuration of light steel structures are very mature and have a high degree of industrialization. It is the crystallization of the development of construction technology and building materials industry in North America in the past 100 years. The light steel keel used in the building structure has excellent corrosion resistance and durability, and will not rot for a hundred years. Three: The sound insulation effect of light steel villas is worse than that of traditional brick-concrete houses. The insulation filling materials in the interior partition walls and outer protective structures of light steel villas include glass fiber wool, rock wool, and rigid extruded foam materials. These materials not only It shows excellent performance in thermal insulation, and it is also a good sound-absorbing material. The sound insulation effect can reach 40 decibels, which reduces the environmental noise pollution of the house. Through experiments, data display and completed project feedback, the sound insulation effect of light steel villas is better than that of traditional brick-concrete houses. (30 decibels for brick houses and 50 decibels for light steel villas)

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