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The usage specifications that should be paid attention to when living in a container house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-15

Specifications for living in container prefabs

We know that container prefabs are simple houses for people to temporarily live in. Because it is not for people to live for a long time, the general container prefab will not appear in the bustling and bustling streets, but more often in remote areas. And the forming environment is very scattered, and the safety factor of living is not very high. Because of the many characteristics of the container house, the quotation of the container house suggests that its construction conditions need to meet the following points: windproof, fireproof, and three-layer superimposition is prohibited.

Let’s talk about wind protection first. Because it is a kind of informal residence. Usually, the building materials of the container prefab are relatively light and simple, and the structure is relatively light, and the weight is less than that of the all-steel structure. Once the windy weather is encountered, it is likely to be blown away by the wind and cause various dangers and disasters. Therefore, the technicians of the container prefab in Hefei said that when using the container prefab, it should be the same as the construction of the color steel room, and the stable device at the bottom should be fixed.

Then there's the issue of fire protection. Because the fireproof performance of the container prefab is relatively poor, if a fire is caused by a little carelessness, it will be devastating. Because the container mobile house built with foam color steel plate is a commonly used building material at present, the container mobile house said that it should not be welded near the wall, and protective fire protection devices should also be installed in the process of indoor heating in winter; it is necessary to In the case of waterproofing, it is forbidden to install and use blowtorches indoors; if it is indoor laying, use metal pipe fittings to pay attention to grounding and use, and use refractory pipe fittings for container prefab house quotation.

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