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The use of the container is increasingly frequent, what work?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-22
At present, the container has two main purposes, one is transport, is a kind of living. The former is applied to ocean container, which is applied in container. Therefore, the use of the container more frequently. The frequently used largely in view of the ocean container, because the container also need shipping. The use of the container is increasingly frequent, what work? Part one: the container is sent to the freight after receiving the goods waybill allocation when empty, what should do? Check time allowed into the box and the number of empty containers need allocation; A particular container number; You fill in the railway container station loading outside check-in list; Have the shipper sign recognition in accordance with the relevant provisions, take away empty. Part two: the container freight logistics allocation of empty containers to examine what content? Roof is bright; The walls have broken hole; If the door is sealed off. Box locks are intact. 3: in quantity is not enough under the condition of empty containers, how should match box? Shall be adhered to expensive, easily broken, priority, afraid of wet goods door to door delivery priority, included in the plan for priority, simplify the packing of the goods are now four priority standards, and its rush student textbooks, newspapers and magazines, parcel post and moved new home goods, priority allocation of empty containers. 4: what are the regulations on loading container shipping? Do not hit box body; Solid heap of goods; Loading and; Flexible use of capacity, contained in use to avoid the goods move, flip, or open closed collapse countermeasures, ensure the safety of the container transport and incase of goods. 5: when the container transport loading sealing containers what rules? Commonality &heavy container must be sealed, sealing containers when the upper and lower body and door lock tongue must be seated, the door is on the right hand lock parts applied to hole sealing front cover pieces of galvanized iron wire to lock the door handle with 10 pieces of screw fixation and broken tail. Six: the rules of loading technology is when container loading? 20 ft &heavy with empty container fittings; The gate of the beam end of 20 ft container flat car transport, application shall be filed with the adjacent container; the door is When empty container transport, the door is locked and 10 with galvanized iron wire screw fixation; Special container flat car X346k loading scheme of loading in accordance with the regulations.
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