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The Windows of the trailer which analytic model steel and aluminum alloy material, good - Mobile home

by:Lida Group     2020-10-26
People used the window of the materials are steel, the results don't know when to start on the market can't see the steel window, slowly into the other aluminium alloy window of model steel window, aluminium alloy and plastic exactly what kind of material is better? Let guangzhou mobile resolution once! 1, the model steel window so far may to gain the market share is bigger than aluminum alloy, because the production cost of aluminum alloy doors and Windows is much higher than the model steel window, so unless some condition good family or very few people will use aluminum alloy doors and Windows are generally choose model steel window to proceed with the installation of doors and Windows. 2, in the beautiful window of aluminium alloy and is basically a neck and neck, the color of the original model steel window is monotonous a window but now there are only white color profile appeared, on the choice of the color is not so monotonous, model steel window as much color and aluminum alloy is now neck and neck in beautiful as to how to choose is totally depends on personal preferences. 3, the two kinds of insulating material which the stays, this explains from the material, aluminum alloy as its name implies is the aluminum metal products are generally not heat insulation, and the model steel window is insulating plastics in stays on much better than metal manufacturing aluminum alloy so insulating in stays on model steel window is better than aluminum. Above is the guangzhou mobile share with you about the two materials parsing. Learn more about guangzhou mobile information please visit WWW. Gzkeda。 cn
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