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Three conditions are required to live container inside living

by:Lida Group     2020-07-13
And these aspects are beyond the prefabricated houses.

in one container with the use of steel container, the rest of some people to turn them into homes or other useful building. Some pictures, use several containers container house you will find very magnificent and expensive. Regardless of your building is luxuriant or simple, you'll want to finish inside. Once you have a suitable location, configuration, foundation, and the heat preservation, you will be ready to make indoor some you can living conditions.

1, any painting, wall to keep visible. Many have insulation and stood outside steel container, so you can leave the interior steel surface is visible. The use of a special metal coating instead of latex. Prepare frosted surface and light, and coating with good ventilation.

2, steel wall and fabric softening sound and look around the room, you want to have more comfortable environment. Install the curtain rod near the top of the walls and hang a large cloth, brocade or blankets.

3, add floor is suitable for use of architecture. Many of the original floor needs to remove and replace due to high levels of pesticides. Install tile or wood in high-use areas. For recreational area, combined with carpet and comfortable pad. If you are trying to make 'green' building possible, make or buy from recycled wool woven carpet.
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