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Three minutes take you understand the advantage of the container

by:Lida Group     2020-11-01
Container is widely used, the use of various in form, there lived containers, container architecture, one container, container house, container office, etc. Because the container's biggest advantage is low price. Compared with the price of commercial housing for millions of container house tens of thousands of price, it is cheap and practical. Container as the container office have what advantage? A: repair container office interior is a comprehensive repair, and commercial housing office room. Built-in tube has 2 commonly, socket and special air conditioning outlet, will be finished with. Generally only need external connections and total external power supply connection. Such a state is comprehensive security use. 2: the site required container office to site without special requirement, do not need to use a combination of location, also do not need to foundation treatment. Site is mud room can also be placed under the condition of the container. In general, the box body to live down on external electricity can be used. Don't need any site to install electrical requirements. The removal of three: move the container room only need to close the whole crane move and move closer as a whole, do not need to do, do not need to tear open outfit.
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