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Three technical introductions of steel structure prefab house engineering

by:Lida Group     2022-01-28

There are 5 kinds of materials for prefab house, polystyrene color steel sandwich panel, cotton rock color steel sandwich panel, polyurethane color steel sandwich panel, and phenolic color steel sandwich panel, metal decoration Insulation board, please refer to the bottom of the article for specifications. Activity room board information: Activity room boards are generally divided into the following categories: polystyrene color steel sandwich panels, cotton rock color steel sandwich panels, polyurethane color steel sandwich panels, and phenolic color steel sandwich panels, metal decorative insulation panels, by It is composited with high weather-resistant polyester baking paint (or fluorocarbon paint), carved aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate, polyurethane insulation layer, and glass fiber cloth. The surface can be made into various artistic effects such as marble, ceramic tile, cultural stone, mahogany grain, etc. It is widely used in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and other developed countries. Specifications: length 3800MM, width 380MM, thickness 16MM; thermal conductivity: 0.024W/(m*k) (Note: thermal conductivity below 0.023W/(m*k) is thermal insulation material); apparent density: 182㎏/m³ ( 3.8㎏/㎡); Combustion performance: B2 grade Service life: 10-15 years of topcoat without major fading, the base alloy steel plate can be used for more than 45 years. Abstract: In today's fast-developing economy, people's needs are gradually diversifying, and they all hope to achieve consumer satisfaction. People are constantly innovating and transforming to achieve certain standards. It is also becoming more and more unique and beautiful, such as villa type, factory type, dormitory type and other styles. Assuming that you have a small housing area, in order to expand the living space, the prefab house built with color steel plates requires high privacy and a low economic level, and you can choose a thermal insulation board house. Plastic steel windows and thermal insulation walls are used as peripheral maintenance products. Although this type of product is not strictly a sun room, it will be greatly improved if the skylight is added. But the price is low, economical and practical. Good lighting and ventilation. And it has a high aesthetics, so it is also a good choice. Assuming that you build a color steel prefab mainly for planting flowers and plants, it is required that the color steel prefab have good ventilation and appropriate sunlight, and plastic-steel windows should be used for peripheral maintenance, and a glass roof and a large skylight. . The price of this kind of prefab house is lower, but the indoor temperature is higher in summer, and the sunshade is required. If your housing area is large, especially in villa buildings, your color board prefab house is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, flower gardening, etc. You should choose an overall mobile color board prefab house whose roof can be moved and opened. This kind of activity room has good lighting, and there is no problem of high indoor temperature in summer. The cost is also lower. It is the perfect choice for personal entertainment. If it is a prefab house with color steel plates that requires traditional architectural functions, it is advisable to choose a tempered insulating glass roof, equipped with a suitable amount of special insulating glass skylights, and use broken bridge aluminum insulating glass windows or aluminum-wood composite insulating glass windows for peripheral maintenance products. Special sunshades, awnings, invisible screens and other products are also required when in use. It can be said that the prefab house is also constantly innovating along with the changes in people's lives, and the functions it has endowed are gradually becoming complete. His collocation is also more humanized. In terms of demand, it is more satisfied. With the increasingly competitive industrial enterprises, innovation has become the power engine to promote the industrial development of enterprises, and as the innovation of the steel structure engineering industry, it originates from technological upgrading and Ru0026D transformation. The three major technologies of steel structure engineering are briefly introduced as follows instruction. 1. Steel structure thermal insulation and energy saving technology; in order to ensure the thermal insulation effect of light steel structure, the thermal insulation materials used in the external walls and roofs of buildings can be used for a long time and can be thermally insulated. Generally, in addition to filling glass fiber between the walls and columns of the light steel structure residential buildings, a layer of thermal insulation material is attached to the outside of the wall, which effectively blocks the thermal bridge from the wall column to the outer wall panel; the joists between floors Filled with glass fiber to reduce heat transfer through floors; all interior wall columns are filled with glass fiber to reduce heat transfer between household walls. 2. Steel structure fire protection technology; one of the most critical issues of light steel structure is the application of fire protection technology. The light-steel structure house of Meite Construction is affixed with fireproof gypsum board on both sides of the wall and the ceiling of the floor. For ordinary fire walls and sub-family walls, 25.4 mm thick (1 inch) gypsum board is used to protect it to meet the fire protection requirement of 1 hour. In addition, the glass fiber filled between the wall column and the floor joist also plays a positive role in protecting against fire and heat transfer. 3. Steel structure sound insulation technology; the light steel structure is filled with glass wool between the inner and outer walls and the floor joists, which effectively prevents the audio part transmitted through the air, and the impact sound transmitted through the solid is treated as follows: For the household wall, two wall columns are used to form two walls with intermediate gaps; and for the small keel used to fix the gypsum board for the ceiling, an elastic structure with a small slot is used to effectively reduce the solid sound transmission between floors. Technology and innovation are the first elements of the survival and development of an enterprise. The reason why an enterprise can maintain the trend and strength of continuous development and growth lies in the continuous enhancement of its own strength, the flexible analysis of market changes, and the ability to seek solutions in the turbulent market. Survive and seek development, so as to create a brilliant and beautiful tomorrow.

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