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Tip - for mobile use safety information Mobile houses prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-11-13
Guangzhou mobile development to today, more and more applications, in the process of use is for some reason and cause fire accident, not the main reason for failure to observe the points for attention, or no detailed details, these details but threaten people's life, so must be careful to use guangzhou mobile home, whether for people or cargo storage happened to old capital loss, but we can choose to avoid the happening of the loss. Here is guangzhou mobile security information clew: guangzhou trailer is mainly made of color steel plate, color steel plate it is best to use the asbestos board, fireproof cotton as filler for production, achieve a-class fire refractory limit above, can only meet the conditions of construction site fire safety. In use process, some of the heat source, the fire it doesn't matter to the color steel plate, should keep a certain distance. If you want the caigang houses set in the kitchen, need has insulating layer, metope should be equipped with fire rock wool insulation layer. Don't through from choi steel, wire, cable, such as through should add protect casing, socket and switch box should be galvanized metal box and with the method. Indoor and outdoor equipped with simple and easy fire extinguishing equipment, conditional should be equipped with fire alarm, convenient staff fast evacuation. Caigang houses at least to keep the safe distance of 6 m between. From: WWW. Welcome to login to learn more about safety knowledge information!
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