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To ensure the safety coefficient of container trailer?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-20
, albeit temporary application, but if you don't pay special attention to fire prevention windproof, inevitably there will be a safety issue. To ensure the safety coefficient of container house? Welding engineering construction please don't in close to the wall of container house welding construction. Fire equipment winter heating cooker should be modified fire equipment; Burner for waterproof disposal requirements of container house, it is strictly prohibited in the building materials application burner. Waterproof casing safety protection route of container trailer in the room when the shop is installed, should use a metal hose, pipe should be solid grounding device or use fire prevention materials materials. Other requirements across the wall also need to add the waterproof casing to carry out safety protection. The installation of the top of the mountain of container trailer to avoid strong winds, therefore not proposed device in the top of the mountain area. Foundation in foundation safety operation. in the device's time, should do well the foundation. Materials and equipment equipment at container trailer working level. Powder material, more equipment, made of is still cannot be used. Equipment, more materials to powder, equipment out is no guarantee of security. Sandwich board basically see container trailer double-sided thick steel plate, and the center of the sandwich layer is what material, and its bulk density, etc. Light steel structure is light steel structure: see bao hou, paint, quality, etc. Completes the patchwork of container trailer in the together time, we should have done the node firm.
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