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Traditional mobile vs container house, who can win?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-22
Container house is everywhere in our daily life, many business areas using the container houses. Because the most obvious feature of the container house is preferential price, and can move at any time. This for the mall merchants, reduce the advantage of a large amount of overhead is urgently needed. This small make up to you to introduce the traditional mobile vs container house, who can win? A: the price advantage to container house prices is very affordable, especially when people facing the high house prices and banned today, to become a lot of people choose the main container houses. Container house is, after all, according to the point, more than one cent piece is a price, you can rent, in a few days days, money and container house price in some commercial area can buy square meters of land such a comparison, container house house has obvious advantages. 2: mobile container is mainly the features of building house on the other hand we can through the mobile, it is not like concrete structure building are fixed in one place, but it can improve the whole Chinese container move, so walk move was not afraid of trouble. Three: easy installation for container house is box houses had been built before they go out, its installation is very convenient and can be installed in a few hours, so it is some temporary housing temporary accommodation, such as construction sites, the disaster area.
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