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Trailer if through the dry material dry autumn - Trailer, trailer factory, trailer manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-30
Guangzhou mobile home warm prompt: in dry dry autumn, static electricity is serious, completes the fire prevention measures should pay attention to the use of mobile users, here, small make up to you to provide some revelation of fire prevention measures, hope to help you! Note (1) & gt; It is strictly prohibited to use naked light in prefabricated houses. Note (2) & gt; Pay attention to the trailer ventilated breathe freely and cooling purposes. Note (3) & gt; Double layer or three layer of prefabricated houses aisle for fire escape stairs are strictly prohibited to pile up sundry. Note (4) & gt; Prefabricated housing security performance is poor, keep valuables themselves. Note (5) & gt; Trailer wood plywood are strictly prohibited under water for a long time. Note 6 & gt; Electrical appliances should be installed overload protector, it is forbidden to hit a wall or steel members. Note 7 & gt; Check the maintenance of circuit system, prevent fire caused by short circuit. Note today & gt; Cope with the trailer steel members every year comprehensive recuperation a brush paint. Pay attention to the pet-name ruby & gt; Prefabricated houses to prohibit free disassembly steel members, plank, adjust the tie rod and horizontal support. Note that attending & gt; If found trailer bending of steel structure deformation, please timely and precise contact for replacement maintenance. In this paper, from the guangzhou mobile: WWW. Welcome to login to learn more relevant details.
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