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Trailer of environmental protection is more and more popular

by:Lida Group     2020-07-02
Environmental protection is more and more popular with mobile

with the development of economy, the implementation of the green environmental protection, housing activity is known as 'green building' in the 21st century, light steel structure building garbage, materials used in construction, building construction noise index of small compared with the traditional concrete structure, and strong practicability, easy demolition, has the characteristic of recycled to use. It is a green environmental protection, is the shortest construction time limit for a project, is the human and the nature harmonious sustainable development of green industry.

mobile home a lot of advantages, such as practicality, high cost performance is good, strong flexibility, etc. These advantages, is what we need, and mobile no reinforced concrete, brick, main material is colored steel sandwich board, by screw, bolts, self-tapping screw connection of houses. Trailer at present in our country has been widely used in outdoor buildings, municipal engineering, staff dormitory, including parks, industrial plant, temporary projects department, villas, shopping malls, etc. In particular, with the acceleration of urbanization, mobile houses at present, the market demand as a temporary building is quite big. Is also a temporary buildings, prefabricated houses advantage is obvious it much more comfortable than the simple shack, and, after removed material can also be used elsewhere. Trailer to implement the standardization of temporary buildings general, sets up the architectural concept of environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency, make temporary housing entered a serialization development, integrated production, supply of form a complete set to change the finalize the design product areas. It is a new concept of green building economical activities. Mobile has been listed as a green building, and in the national key promotion. Environmental protection is more and more popular with the trailer, also get more and more consumer acceptance. The prefabricated houses also in improving the product added value, thus, trailer in China's housing market prospects will be limited.
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