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Trailer parsing built trailer - need to satisfy the conditions Mobile home

by:Lida Group     2020-11-14
Trailer now gradually accepted by people, more and more mobile in the street, is basically everywhere. Let guangzhou mobile home to popularize the mobile home no need to meet any requirements during construction. 1, when building mobile location must be strong, warm, safe, moisture-proof place. Can't choose a place for construction of the trailer if you do not meet the above condition built trailer can not meet the requirements. 2, build mobile home is to make sure that the main structure of the security and strong, to be able to sustain the weight of the construction trailer. 3, the construction of a mobile home not too strange, as far as possible will affect the overall effect of the surrounding environment. 4, don't paint on mobile home taste is too heavy and the formaldehyde more paint. Above is the guangzhou mobile share a little about guangzhou mobile message. Learn more about guangzhou mobile information please visit WWW. Gzkeda。 cn
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