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Types and construction requirements of construction site building enclosures

by:Lida Group     2022-03-07

Types and construction requirements of construction site building enclosures

  In our daily life, we can often see various construction site building enclosures, but everyone knows the enclosures Do they have different functions? Do you know the types of construction site enclosures?

  Construction site enclosures:

   It is a temporary facility and shelter used to close the construction site. On the one hand, it separates the construction site and the sales site to reduce the adverse impact of on-site construction on the outside world; on the other hand, it can create its own image for the project and assist Project publicity site building enclosure.

  Conventional construction site enclosure:

   Its height is generally no more than 3 meters, and there is no vertical height difference, usually through the screen Creativity and color for visual communication.

   Site fence:

   This kind of fence can achieve the purpose of publicity and promotion of project sales, but it is not properly designed wall advertisements will damage the image of the project.

  Special-shaped enclosure:

  According to the project positioning, innovative forms (including shapes and techniques) are used for enclosure Block for packaging. The form of special-shaped enclosure is novel and easy to attract the attention of the audience. Fencing manufacturers have found that there are more and more urbanized buildings now, and I believe that there will be more and more construction site fences that need real estate fences, construction fences, color steel fences, construction site fences, and urban construction fences.

   Road construction enclosure requirements:

   1. A closed enclosure with a height of not less than 1.8m should be set up on the construction site of general road sections. block.

  2. The construction site of the main road sections in the urban area should be set up with a closed enclosure with a height of not less than 2.5m.

  3. The enclosure should be firm, neat, stable and beautiful.

  Construction standard of construction enclosure:

   M10 cement mortar is used to build MU10 shale brick as the foundation of construction enclosure The foundation of 0.5*0.5 bricks is used to enhance the wind resistance stability of the enclosure; the pvc enclosure is 2.5 meters high and 3 meters wide as a board. Beautify the construction fence, spray the company name, safety, quality, civilized construction terminology and commercial advertisements of the development project, and it is strictly forbidden to post and scribble garbage advertisements.

  The construction of the fence is completed, the connection between the plates and the plates is smooth, and the straight line should be in a straight line; there should be no gaps between the plates and the plates, that is, the inside of the field cannot be seen outside the field construction. Set red lights along the fence or use safety reflective cones in partitions to warn the construction site at night.

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