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Under the new normal, how to do the marketing innovation of prefab house enterprises?

by:Lida Group     2022-01-21

Under the new normal, how to do the marketing innovation of prefabricated houses? In the highly competitive prefabricated house market, the importance of marketing is becoming increasingly prominent. Consumers affect the fate of prefabricated housing companies. In this new period of slowing economic growth, prefabricated housing companies have to speed up the pace of expansion into new markets to alleviate the crisis of overcapacity. At the same time, in order to gain consumer recognition, Regardless of the future development trend, prefab companies should attach great importance to the innovation of marketing models. Traditional marketing no longer meets the needs of enterprise development. Brand promotion and brand innovation that are not for sales are all hooligans. This sentence is blatant and very real! In the prefabricated housing industry under the 'new normalof. But the marketing mentioned here certainly does not mean that it pursues its profits and does not care about product quality. What I am talking about here is how to improve the creativity of marketing in today's Internet age, and how to use various marketing methods to ensure product quality to the greatest extent possible. profit for the enterprise. Nowadays, traditional marketing methods such as advertising and promotional activities have become somewhat weak under the trend of new media. Consumers will not be tempted by these common methods. The market must innovate in marketing methods to seek a new way out. There are three steps to the marketing innovation of prefab house enterprises: First, pay close attention to product innovation, from the perspective of marketing, broaden the innovation of single product styles, and strive to improve the innovation of product categories. The second is the innovation of marketing capabilities. Now the marketing of prefabricated houses can no longer be based on pure brand innovation and advertising. It is necessary to change the marketing angle and start from the trinity of 'brand, product and marketing' to do a good job in product marketing channels. From products, brands to marketing, service innovation in the prefab market today is also critical. Third, micro-innovation is a freshener for the development of prefabricated houses. It may not have a great impact on marketing directly, but a series of 'micro-actions' will have great long-term benefits for the promotion and marketing of Pinpi. In fact, the cost of this kind of micro-innovation is very low, as long as it is brainstormed and properly combined with social hotspots and brand innovation, it will have a great impact.

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