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Under the supply-side reform, how can prefab house enterprises ride the ride?

by:Lida Group     2022-01-23

Under the supply-side reform, how can prefab house enterprises ride the ride? Under the market environment of the new economy and the new normal, after years of baptism, the prefabricated housing industry has entered a period of stability, and the prefabricated housing brands are not only facing a situation of fullness, but also showing a trend of weak growth. Despite this trend, it does not mean that my country's prefabricated housing industry will always be like this. At present, the state is vigorously advocating supply-side reforms. How to take this ride and rejuvenate enterprises is a question that every enterprise must ponder. Taking advantage of favorable policies to speed up the customization and intelligent innovation of prefabricated houses With the continuous advancement of supply-side reforms and the implementation of a series of policies such as cultivating new economic momentum, the domestic consumption market structure has an obvious trend of upgrading, and new business formats have maintained rapid growth. At the same time, the improvement of consumer level and the development of technological innovation have made the younger generation of consumers pay more attention to the quality of life and comfort. Personalized consumption is gradually increasing, and the shortcomings of traditional prefabricated houses cannot meet the needs of personalized consumption are becoming more and more prominent. Therefore, it is urgent for prefab house enterprises to solve the problem of reform and upgrading, with the help of a series of favorable policies, to increase their efforts to keep up with technological innovations such as customization and intelligence of prefab houses. Keep up with the trend of the times to provide professional prefabricated housing services enterprises should focus on meeting the needs of consumers and enhancing user stickiness. For users, high-quality prefabricated house products are not only reflected in quality and price, but also in ease of use. Especially the younger generation requires more comfortable quality of life. Technological reforms in this regard can effectively solve current problems. Expand the e-commerce market and increase sales channels. At present, the mainstream channel of the prefabricated housing industry is still offline sales, but it is also a way out to take advantage of the e-commerce platform and focus on online channels. Break the tradition and improve the intelligent manufacturing of products. For manufacturers of prefabricated houses, it is necessary to dare to break the tradition and carry out technological innovation. In the tide of structural upgrading, technological innovation, and e-commerce reform, only products with high quality that meet the needs of consumers can be favored, can reverse the predicament, and bring new growth to the prefabricated house market. Of course, while trying to meet the needs of consumers, in the process of technological reform and innovation, prefabricated housing enterprises must fully consider whether they already have the conditions for reform. The general environment of supply-side reform is an advantage, but prefabricated housing enterprises can take advantage of them. In the process of product reform and service refinement, it is necessary to carry out specific analysis of specific problems, and do not make blind reforms under the premise of ignoring reform costs.

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