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Understand the key points of color steel house waterproofing

by:Lida Group     2022-02-14

Due to its unique roof material characteristics, color steel houses are prone to water leakage due to structural design, material selection, installation and construction, deformation and vibration, etc., especially when the temperature difference changes significantly. When the color steel room of the industrial plant leaks, it will affect a series of links such as production equipment, product quality, and supply guarantee, which will cause economic losses.

1. Because the steel gutter of the color steel room is relatively thin, the welding seam is prone to problems, and if the PANHOO phenol-based anti-corrosion board is not used, the ordinary color steel plate will be seriously corroded after a period of use.

Prevention and control measures: It is better to use anti-corrosion materials such as PANHOO phenol-based roof panels for guttering. If phenol-based anti-corrosion boards are used, the thickness should not be less than 3mm. The welding seams and downspout openings on the site must also be anti-corrosion according to this requirement, and the outside of the gutter should be painted with anti-steel protective waterproof paint.

2. The enclosure of the color steel house must be protected by driving. Ordinary color steel steps on the roof at will, which destroys the flatness of the roof and even cracks.

Prevention and control measures: During the installation and use of the factory roof, the relevant personnel should be well informed. When walking on the roof, you should not step on the crest of the wave. You should step on the purlin of the valley. You should also pay attention to the placement of materials. If it is a heavy object, It should be placed in the valley and after the long square wood is placed at the position of the steel beam, so as to avoid heavy objects crushing the wave crest.

3. For the rainwater pipes on the roof of the factory buildings, some people use plastic pipes, which have poor strength. The steel structure factory buildings are easily damaged from installation to operation.

Prevention and control measures: Do a good job in the protection of finished products, and take anti-collision measures for corners or downpipes that are easy to collide.

4. The thermal conductivity of the color steel house plate itself is large. When the external temperature changes greatly, due to the large change in the ambient temperature difference, the color steel plate shrinks and deforms due to the temperature change, and a large displacement occurs at the interface, so the metal The interface part of the board is very prone to water leakage.

5. In the steel structure workshop system, because the structure itself is prone to elastic deformation under the action of external forces such as temperature change, wind load, snow load, etc., the displacement of the connection part will cause the hidden danger of water leakage.

6. Due to the use of different materials to connect the special parts of the metal roof, such as the joint of the roof panel and the cement wall, the roof lighting belt and other parts, the stress changes are not synchronized, resulting in hidden dangers of water leakage.

7. The quality of the galvanized layer of the profiled plate substrate is not good, and the coating is too thin, resulting in a short service life of the profiled plate and easy corrosion and damage.

8. The color plate of the enclosure is too thin. The sun and rain, the corrosion of the outer plate or the influence of temperature make the color plate deform, and the plate gap increases.

In a word, the leakage of color steel house is very harmful. The color steel house is the top building structure of the steel structure factory building, and it is also the part of the building that is most prone to disease and water leakage, so be careful treat. While doing waterproofing and plugging, it is more necessary to understand the key parts of the color steel house waterproofing, fully understand and then do a more comprehensive waterproofing.

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