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Understanding Steel Structure Engineering Qualifications

by:Lida Group     2022-03-05

Learn about steel structure engineering qualifications

Learn more about steel structure engineering qualifications in case you need them. There are two types of qualifications for steel structure engineering, one is the qualification for professional contracting of steel structure engineering, and the other is the qualification for steel structure manufacturing enterprises. Enterprises can declare different qualifications to different local departments according to their own business needs, corresponding to the business to be carried out. direction. However, steel structure enterprises can only apply if they have a certain production scale. According to the process, they submit formalities and documents to see the production site, etc. The length of time is uncertain.

Application conditions: The professional contracting qualifications for steel structure engineering are divided into first-level, second-level and third-level. When applying for the first time, an enterprise can only apply for the third-level qualification, and it needs to meet the relevant requirements of the qualification standard (enterprise assets, personnel, and performance in previous years, etc.). The qualifications of steel structure manufacturing enterprises are divided into special grade, first grade, second grade and third grade. The third-level qualification standards for steel structure manufacturing enterprises have specific regulations in terms of registered capital, production scale, technical difficulty, plant area, machinery and equipment, relevant professionals, quality assurance system, steel structure production status, and environmental management.

Application department: The acceptance part of the professional contracting qualification of steel structure engineering is the housing and urban and rural construction department of the province and city where the enterprise is located, and the acceptance of the qualification of steel structure manufacturing enterprise The department is the China Steel Structure Association, which is a cross-industry, cross-disciplinary national socio-economic and technical group.

1. Professional contracting qualification for steel structure engineering: Enterprises mainly engaged in steel structure engineering construction need to apply for this qualification, and engineering refers to the main bearing beams of buildings or structures , columns, etc. all use steel as the main material, and the construction projects are completed by factory production and on-site construction and installation.

2. Steel structure manufacturing qualifications: Enterprises that undertake the manufacture of steel structure components, processing with supplied materials and stereotyped standardized products need to apply for such qualifications.

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