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The farm house locates at Wangge village, Laoshan district, Qingdao. It is the supporting facility for eco-agriculture. Its building area is 132.82㎡, serving as catering and accommodation for tourists. The construction has been completed on May 30th, 2014.

Lida Light Steel Villa has the advantages of abundant colors and model, excellent ability for water-proofing. Compared to the traditional cement building, the light steel villa looks more attractive and has better moisture retention. With different materials texture, the light steel villa can realize various architectural styles. Comparing to the wooden structure house, light steel villa has lower price. Besides, the most materials of light steel villa are environmental protection products. It is a kind of green building. In addition, the frame of the light steel villa has smaller dimension and lighter weight, so it has higher area utilization ratio comparing to the traditional building. Thus, is can reduce the cost a lot. What is more, the light steel villa’s construction technology easier, construction period is shoter.

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