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Waste container prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-23

Two aspects of structural transformation have drawn specific transformation theories.

Architectural renovation is mainly aimed at the single modeling problem that container prefab houses should be based on in the field of civil construction, and also includes a summary of the popular methods used to realize architectural functions. This part can be used as a Building Remodeling Handbook for reference.

The structural transformation is mainly aimed at the hidden dangers of structural safety brought about by the realization of complex building shapes and large spaces. Simplified static analysis of this structure is carried out from two aspects of vertical load and lateral load, and the results are obtained. Design a more rationalized security verification formula. Under the guidance of these formulas, combined with the theory of building renovation, it is easy to obtain the design scheme of the multi-storey container prefab house that not only satisfies the beautiful facade shape but also ensures the safety. In the process of Ruqi's research work, some valuable conclusions have been obtained:

①The container modules usually used for transformation have two specifications of 20ft and 40ft. There are two main forms of irregular placement in parallel dislocation and orthogonal stacking. Container modules of different specifications will not be mixed to build container prefab houses.

2 There are two main safety hazards in the multi-storey container prefab house after building renovation. The force transmission path is completely transmitted by the corner columns; the second is to open the maintenance steel plate of the container to different degrees in order to realize the building function. For example, small door and window holes should be opened for lighting and ventilation, and the entire plate should be removed for the expansion space. In this way, the structural form of the container itself - the cabinet structure, is destroyed. Under the action of lateral load, the side resistance is changed from the plate to the perforated plate or the frame directly, so the safety will be reduced.

③ During the structural safety analysis under vertical load, it is found that the upper beam of the container is weak and the corner column is strong. When the beam is in contact with the lower long beam of the first-floor container module, a support column should be added at the corresponding position; for the ZOft container module, after the side panels are completely removed, at least one support column should be added in the side frame. Two support columns; when the overhanging part of the container module exceeds about 1. sm, an external support column should be added, and when it exceeds 4. sm, a bin frame support should be installed.

④ The analysis model selected under the vertical load is the steel frame of the container. When the _h long beam acts as a large concentrated force, a support column should be set up.

⑤ For 40ft containers, which are mainly used in large buildings, the main force-transmitting components under vertical loads are columns (support columns and corner columns). The axial force formula of the column at any position in the prefab house can be used to guide the design of the cross-section of the support column at different positions. ⑥ The factor that affects the safety of the multi-storey container prefab house under the action of lateral load is the opening of different degrees on the maintenance steel plate. It has been verified that the waste container prefab house cannot be equated with ordinary box-type houses. Ordinary box-type houses or prefab houses can be considered as frame structures. The board is only a filling as a safety reserve, but the container is not. It is a cabinet structure. Played a big role, when only the steel frame of the container is used to resist the wind load of class 10, it is difficult for a single container module of a single layer to meet the deformation limit, let alone a multi-layer. Therefore, the opening of the plate directly affects the lateral resistance of the structure.

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