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What a blessing to have such a house

by:Lida Group     2022-01-28

In the city, I run around for a living, and only come home tired late at night. I always yearn for life in a small country courtyard, with large fields, rolling hills, and green forests. Sunset, there is a small courtyard with the fragrance of flowers
You can plant your favorite flowers in the courtyard. Of course, you can also grow a la carte. It is also very good to turn the courtyard into a vegetable garden. Brick paths, green grass and green space, surrounded by fences, a comfortable place The small courtyard is better
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I usually pour it in the morning Watering flowers, pulling weeds, chatting with neighbors, starting a new day, on weekends, inviting a few good friends, drinking tea and chatting in the yard, a good afternoon, just so leisurely!

When I get old, I must go back and build a courtyard. In my spare time, I can enjoy this beautiful scenery and live up to my youth, which is beyond words.

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