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What about industry position of Lida ?
Lida strives to be one of the leading international brands that develop and market creative, innovative & high-quality Lida . We provide reliable and unique technologies and products that are highly sought after. Our products are broadly distributed worldwide. In the global trade fairs, our products are always the eye-catchers among the like, gaining much attention of purchasers as well as enterprises who prefer to share the latest industry knowledge with us.

Lida Group aims to be a world's leading manufacturer of light steel villa. The camp house is one of the main products of Lida Group. The product has no imperfections. In the process of molding, the prototypes are clean and crisp, thus it is free of defects. This product has been designed to last for decades. To provide the best service, professional staff are equipped in Lida Group. It is able to undergo extremely high and cold temperatures.

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