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What about prefabricated houses the main structural materials made of - What about prefabricated housing main structure material made of

by:Lida Group     2020-11-06
What about prefabricated house main structure material made of? Most users understand this better, divided into several, each parts material is different, the details about prefabricated houses what material. 1) Prefabricated houses in column and Angle mainly adopts the combination of steel column and abnormity. 2) Prefabricated houses of girder with 530 channel steel welded forming, purline using L40 & times; 3 of Angle steel welding. 3) The metope of prefabricated houses mainly USES the fire panel, floor board adopted solid magnesium light board. 3) Boarding house roof tile is made of pressed corrugated tiles; Set around the seal plate. 4) Prefabricated houses metope is to brush paint, both inside and outside all structural steelwork painted 5) Activity board match wooden double flush door lock the door, Windows with ordinary light aluminum alloy push-pull window ( Within 15 square meters with a door a window, such as customer requirements increase, the price of another) 。 About prefabricated houses and more relevant details, please login: WWW.
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