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What about the production flow for army camp in Lida Group?
Lida Group runs an efficient production flow, resulting in the quicker and cost-effective manufacturing of our army camp . Before manufacturing, we will do the production analysis first to eliminate factors that cause disruptions and to look for possibilities of shortening lead time and reducing costs. And during the production, we will carefully control each link to avoid deviation. We strive for a consistent, smooth production flow in order to ensure reliable delivery of our products, higher quality, greater value, and maximum satisfaction for customers.

Lida Group specializes in design and production of poultry farm house. The steel structure building is one of the main products of Lida Group. The product is durable enough. It can be repeatedly sterilized many times without fear of damaging the surfaces or cutting edges. This product combines simplicity with utility. prefabricated house is well packed before loading to containers. This product has been widely used in offices, meeting rooms, dormitories, shops, booths, etc.

Lida Group will continue to develop steel structure building strategically. Check it!
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