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What advantages does of container trailer houses have? - Mobile houses, prefabricated housing prices

by:Lida Group     2020-10-15
Container housing activity in daily life is mostly seen in the construction site, but the products are in construction site, most of the installation of the container house houses have what advantages, let we know today. 1, container houses transportation is very convenient. In some construction unit, construction site construction sites are often replaced. If you use ordinary mobile houses, you may need to remove and reprocessed. However, if you use a container to move house, you can directly to send it directly to the next site. 2, the second advantage is very strong, containers are all made of steel, which has better seismic performance and resistance to deformation. 3, container houses good sealing capacity, because it's very strict production process, to ensure that will not leak when it rains. 4, chassis professional activity is a standard container plate steel processing, can be converted into the space required for the various, such as kitchen, dormitory, etc. Are all possible. The standard size of the container is about 2. 4 meters, height of about 2. 2 meters, changji basically is about 4 m to 12 m. 5, containers can be combined mobile room can through their own splicing to the required box room. A box is a unit. After combination, function room is very strong, can bear the weight of the larger. In the environment of the wind reached 10, container no problem at all. Mobile homes, however, usually use some accessories to splice sandwich plate and steel frame, and according to the actual requirements for mobile homes. If you want to learn more on prefabricated house information, welcome to login our website to understand: http://www.
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