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What are set up container trailer which steps

by:Lida Group     2020-06-30
Set up container trailer which steps what

with the rapid development of building materials and construction industries, container trailer industry is also developing rapidly. Inside the construction site, container trailer is the most common, is also commonly used daily workers accommodation. So, its quality can bring great influence on the lives of the workers. Then build the container trailer which steps have?

1, first of all, when set up container trailer need to choose the appropriate position. Must be used when working inside the container trailer life into the water and electricity, workers in order to be able to make life better, water and electricity of the security work is very important. So, we need to choose those hydropower investment more convenient location. It is more convenient solution to solve the problem of cwe in daily life, to better safeguard the lives of the workers. 2, secondly, in the process of building mobile home, the use of some of the thick plate is very important. Now many site will use the thick plate cutting way to meet the uncertainty in the process of building the size of the problem. And in this way can greatly promote the construction of the trailer efficiency, avoid because of the size is not suitable for the problems caused by the build schedule delay. 3, can load snow and rain, a lightning strike can cause damage to the mobile, based on the analysis of buildings around the trailer, trailer should have lightning protection design when necessary. 4, for the second trailer, if the building length more than 20 m or single area more than 150 m2, would set up two stairs, building length each additional 20 m should increase set a stairway. 5, container trailer fire prevention design should comply with the relevant national overlay fire the norms. 6 use carbon steel materials, components, should do the anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion should be done before finishing cleaning decontamination treatment, coating thickness should be uniform, can not have clear off color, no flow, wrinkling, pinhole, bubble, fall off, dirt adhesion, leakage phenomenon such as coating. Film scratch test should be not less than 2. In addition, through this cutting way for some of the old plate can also reuse, to better protect the environment of nature, avoid the waste of threatening the environment destruction. At the same time, the container house solve the problem of the workers' living and office space, is a kind of simple and durable products.
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