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What are some advantages the role of the container?

by:Lida Group     2020-06-25
What are some advantages the role of the container

container the role of the housing benefits have?

( 1) Can repeat use for a long period of time, has the strength of the meet.

( 2) On the way transit don't need to move the goods in the cabinet, can change directly.

( 3) Can be rapid loading and unloading, and can shipping things convenient to change from one to another transport.

( 4) Goods of fill and discharge air is very convenient. ( 5) Large volume, pack the goods. ( 6) Specification, and the ship in the harbour can cascade, save a lot of space.

container house on loan is all empty containers will be to use a transaction. Container for all loan one container, and use people, generally is the shipping company or the owner, to rent one, the two sides signed a loan deal. Supply qualified container by loan to the lessee in agreement within the scope of application. Container on loan, there are many different methods in the world, altogether has: cheng rent, term loan, deposit and loan, and within the area and so on. Container terminal is the shipping container, box or keep cargo loading and unloading of exchange of orgnaization of detail parts. It is entrusted by the carrier or its agent for the following transaction: communication, storage of FCL cargo; A container freight station, handle LCL cargo replacement; Organization of container ship berthing, loading and unloading of containers, each voyage prepare stowage plan; Handle relevant documents of compiling sign; Prepare and sign the check container carrying things out and circulation of related documents; Handling containers and carrying things, loading and unloading things check, repair, as well as the chamber cleaning, fumigation etc; The sending and receiving, storage and preservation of empty containers; Organization and empty containers &heavy container stacking in the yard, and prepare the place assigned; Other related affairs. General by the container terminal wharves, frontier, storage area, cargo terminal, control tower, repair parts, door and office. Sometimes yard or freight station 5 - can be extended to the urban internal matter 15 kilometers of transit. Container yard is ahead in front of a container terminal, in order to speed up the ship loading and unloading operation, temporary stacking place of container. Its role is: when the container ship to the port, a scheme with time according to the stowage requirements will focus on export containers neat accumulation, discharging will import containers are stacked at the dock temporarily when the front, to speed up the ship handling operation. Behind the container yard &heavy container or empty container for replacement, warehousing and storage. Some countries to the container yard is no front yard or rear yard, collectively known as the yard. Behind the container yard is part of the container terminal. Is the shipping container 'field in place for replacement method of FCL cargo handling to account, Is actually in the container unloading area 'gate' for replacement) 。 Empty container yard empty box is designed to handle the place of collection, storage, stockpiling, or replacement. It is designed for container terminal or to set up a transfer station yard lack. The yard does not handle &heavy or replacement goods. It can operate alone, also can by the container terminal in outside the other set. In some countries, operating this empty container yard, must to the chamber of shipping.

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