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What are the advantages can replace traditional light steel villa house?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-10
Light steel villa is very widely used abroad, although the part has been used in China. But the data comparison, there is obvious difference. This simple about light steel villa have what advantage can replace traditional houses? Seismic light steel structure, high reliability, villa behavior subject chooses galvanized steel main keel load and tectonic plate constitutes ribbed plate type wall structure, the structure engineering construction overall good, light weight, can resist the 8 magnitude earthquake and wind eed of 50 m/s of the storm. Because the house choose ceiling keel structure system, at the time of the intense flooding, but will only appear deformation is not easy to have collapsed, rupture conditions, small damage to the staff, conducive to escape, also reduce the safety of the rescue workers work compressive strength, improve the rescue efficiency. Second, the production technology of light steel structure villa construction main keel all use CAD design drawing for computer control production and manufacturing, precision component specifications more than mm level, decorate showed good basic for later projects. Manufacturing industry into the building construction management system of industrialization and development trend of industry development provides ample space. Three, the convenient construction of light steel structure villa built completely realized the factory prefabrication and assembly on the spot engineering construction; Prefabricated installation is more than 100% after lifting the compressive strength, without the construction technology of intermittent, increased productivity; Prefabricated completely in accordance with the design precision production and processing, construction thoroughly dry operation on the spot, high level of civilization construction; In a 300 - square - meter house subject only 7 - engineering installation 12 days to settle in only 40 days. Engineering construction faster, is good for real estate development project for capital quickly collecting. Separated by four, interior space is flexible, high utilization rate of light steel structure villa span reaches 6 ~ 15 meters, for residents showed a larger interior space segmentation at random; Because the wall thickness is only half of brick, the construction area of slash, set inside usable floor area of housing can be as high as 93%, increase 7% than traditional architecture The usable floor area of 10%. Five, the environmental protection and energy saving light steel structure villa for composite wall metope, with excellent heat insulation, heat insulation, heat insulation performance, and the concrete structure is more, environmental protection and energy saving of 60% ~ 70%; Light steel housing management system all use galvanized ceiling keel, stainless steel plates can all recycling structure, other supporting facilities utilization rate of raw materials is as high as 90%, is now the housing of the concept of environmental protection standard.
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