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What are the advantages of Beijing container house

by:Lida Group     2020-07-01
Container house what are the advantages of

container houses what are the advantages of

in the production of container is warm in winter and cool in summer, green environmental protection, mobile and flexible, safe and stable, Leon lai mainly for building construction, municipal engineering, subway, railway, highway and other infrastructure construction site provide live one container, container house, container house design, manufacture, transport, rental, sales, services, and provide walls for the construction site, toilet, sentry box, iron bed, air conditioning and other supporting equipment leasing and sales services.

1。 Standard specifications such as 10 feet 20 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet 48 ft 53 different specifications different attributes, such as container house ( Also can be customized non-standard containers everything is given priority to with customer requirements)

2。 with good thermal insulation materials, excellent heat insulation structure and sealing performance, make the integrated heat transfer coefficient of the actual test value K reached 0. 7w/㎡. ℃ 3. Appearance is made of new type of FRP sheets and colour coating steel plate. Beam are made of light steel structure welding, coaming adopts caigang sandwich board or color steel corrugated sheet. Body welding as a whole. Often time elution surface smooth level off

4. Can tear open outfit rapidly to form a steel frame structure can form a multi-story buildings

5. Trailer trait resistance heat, winter protection, heat insulation waterproof, moistureproof, fire prevention resistance to salt fog impact resistant acid corrosion resistant easy to clean has maintained neat and beautiful appearance. 6. Multistory buildings such as a large workshop, purification room, meeting room, dormitory, kitchen refrigerator, temporary housing, school, office, dormitory toilet duty room, guard room, shops, etc. ( According to customer requirements processing customized special container mobile home) 7. As a whole is a bearing structure, and retaining structure, general house need not beams, do not need to surface decoration, the leakage of color steel plate, general 10 years its anticorrosive coating does not fall off. 8. Quality assurance low prices in order to consider for the customer equipment quality one pace reachs the designated position to let customers worry-free. Humanized design and manufacture of fine decoration luxury configuration careful durable convenient migration are suitable for all kinds of wild life scenic area construction installation construction work place without causing damage to bad without approval at any time be born migration will greatly improve the working efficiency and working life environment
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