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What are the advantages of custom mobile home?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-19

What are the advantages of prefab customization?

Customized prefab house is a kind of temporary residence that can be freely relocated. Generally speaking, it is used in construction sites, disaster-stricken areas, etc. Let people choose him, let's take a closer look together.

First, the customized prefab house is a new type of light steel composite panel house, which matches the material and steel structure. A very good security effect can be achieved. Specifically, it can resist a strong earthquake of magnitude 7 and a strong typhoon of magnitude 12, which is difficult for ordinary houses. Therefore, it has been widely used in some earthquake-stricken areas.

Second, the cost of customizing the prefab house is relatively low. Due to certain characteristics of mobile homes, their cost is very low compared to some brick homes and can be recycled. The service life is also relatively strong. According to statistics, in general, the number of recyclable mobile homes is more than six times. From these data, we can understand that the overall cost of mobile homes is relatively low.

Thirdly, the customized construction of the mobile room is very fast. Generally speaking, the installation team can install more than 500 square meters per week, which is difficult to imagine in the field of traditional construction, and such a building will not generate construction waste. This is obviously a better protection of the natural environment, and also meets the current needs.

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