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What are the advantages of living containers compared with traditional brick-concrete structures?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-12

Now with the continuous development of the times, containers appear in many places, so that people can have many different feelings in addition to novelty. So why do many people now have a special preference for the architectural model of container houses? The reason is that compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure, container houses have the following advantages. Human living container

1. Larger usable area

Due to the thickness of the main load-bearing wall, the thickness of the container Thinner, its weight only requires adding a layer of insulation to the wall behind the container house. Therefore, in the same construction area, choose a container house with good materials. There are many areas that can be used instead of brick and concrete buildings, these additional areas make the guest's stay more comfortable.

2. Use less building materials

As we all know, the brick-concrete structure of building structures requires a lot of building materials, including cement mortar, steel plates and various Equipment. In addition to using many building materials, more manpower should be invested in the construction. However, when building the container house, according to the drawings, only a few workers can use lifting tools to assemble it.

3. Short cycle and less garbage

Compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure, the container house does not need to excavate the foundation, but is built one inch and an inch. Therefore, the construction process is much less, which can greatly shorten the construction period of the hotel. At the same time, the container does not generate a large amount of construction waste, nor does it need to be cleaned up due to dust pollution.

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