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What are the advantages of the prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-01-27

It is understood that many construction companies, site managers, etc., must take into account various factors during the implementation of site projects, the most important of which are workers' accommodation and office space. 's prefab room. Nowadays, prefabricated houses are very popular in the market. Because of their convenience, they are highly sought after by all parties, and they are not limited to construction sites. Even regular customers renting houses and rebuilding disaster areas will often need them. It can be said that prefabricated houses are not temporary residences. It's that simple to represent. Many on-site managers may be worried about the construction speed and safety of prefabricated houses. Because the project is implemented quickly, there are also great requirements for the construction speed of prefabricated houses. Or look at the benefits of the prefab house as a whole: criticality (quick installation, speeding up the project start-up) is different from the traditional houses that require cement, brick, tile and other building materials, the prefab house can be assembled directly by using the prefab house module, saving A large number of building materials save a lot of cost. It takes more than 10 times the time to build a 100-square-meter house by traditional methods. Material saving and short construction period are a significant advantage of prefab houses as temporary housing. The cost of recycling is lower. Since the prefab house is assembled, it can also be disassembled, that is to say, it can be reused. Compared with traditional reinforced concrete, it undoubtedly saves secondary costs, and in terms of cost, its price is also cheaper than traditional buildings. . Now many manufacturers of prefabricated houses have begun to use the rental method, so that the cost will be lower. Therefore, the prefab house is indeed the best choice for venue accommodation and office. Mobile office security use guide. Life is above all else, safety first. It should be the highest standard on a construction site. Therefore, ensuring the safety of people's lives and property in prefabricated houses is a problem that we must pay attention to. Regarding the issue of temporary prefabricated houses, the following are the guidelines for the safe use of prefabricated houses by experts. One, fire prevention. Firefighting is the top priority, causing the greatest harm, and of course the fire can be controlled. The prefab house should be fireproof. First, the indoor circuit design should be reasonable to prevent short-circuit phenomenon; the prefab house should pay attention to the use of high-power electrical appliances; Second, the wind. Although the mobile house can withstand a certain degree of strong wind, it is still necessary to pay attention to wind protection, do not install the mobile house on a high place or on the air outlet, and do the basic work well. Three, waterproof. The waterproof layer is mainly for flood control, mudslides, landslides, short circuits caused by rainwater, etc. The main protective measures are the selection, installation and design of the prefab. There are many prefab house companies in China that are famous for the speed of temporary construction. Among them, Steel Structure Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. is famous. In addition to the speed of temporary construction, it also has a reputation in terms of safety and durability.

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