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What are the applicability of the container module room

by:Lida Group     2020-06-30
What are the applicability of the container module room

container module housing units are standardized in size. Due to the container multimodal combined transport by rail and sea is required, the external dimensions tightly restricted.

in addition to individual container is a special custom, most of the container size is a standard uniform.

second, container house structure stable and safe, usually can ensure the structure period of 30 years, in good maintenance condition or cooperate with concrete and other cases, also can maintain longer using time.

third, container housing economy. Container are widely used all over the world, when construction through modular combinations can be easily installed.

4, the flexibility of the container house. Container house bigger superiority is to build flexibility: local need upgrading, can replace with new housing; Need to remove the demolition, can be easily disassembled and long-distance rebuilding whole.

5, container house is suitable for the post-disaster emergency housing. Container the characteristics of fast speed and flexibility of the building, the victims at a low price to build faster, higher living quality emergency residence.

6, applicable to all kinds of container house residence. Is a container home use more functions, divided into three types, such as for a temporary residence, villa and multi-storey residential building using

7, container house is suitable for longer office building, container houses have contracted, industrialization and the temperament of postmodernism, making it especially suitable for used for office use expect with unique temperament.

8, container house suitable for public facilities, container integral structure, convenient transportation, neat and easy modelling makes it is used by many cities used as urban public service facilities. Container in China also often be transformed into the supermarket, kiosks, dispatching station, etc. This kind of public service facilities.

container houses with standardization, security and stability of structure, economy, and the characteristics of flexibility, so in use process has a very prominent advantages.

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