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What are the basic function of container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-12
What are the basic function of container trailer

focus on design, manufacture, transportation, container house rental, sales, recycling and other services, and provide walls for the construction site, toilet, sentry box, iron bed, air conditioning and other supporting equipment leasing and sales services. Small make up today for all analytical set what are the basic function of container trailer?

what are the basic function of container house? Reusable containers, for the convenience of calculation of container traffic, at present, a lot of international to 20 tons container as the standard computing unit, the remaining types of container according to the rated weight reduced. In container loading their different set of breakbulk become normalized heavy piece, can greatly improve the work efficiency of loading and unloading, transport turnover, reduce the damage of shortage, simplify the packing process and tally procedures, reduce the consumption of physical labor, thus reduce the packing and shipping and handling cost of the goods. Therefore, container transport has been developing rapidly in recent years, and lead to the reforms of the ship type, loading and unloading machinery and other products. From port development at home and abroad, the container has replaced most of the bulk, become an important symbol of a port modernization and internationalization.

the benefits of the container

1, can be long-term repeated use, with enough strength.

2, on the way transit without moving the contents, change can directly.

3, can undertake rapid loading and unloading, and may be a transport from easily change to another kind of transportation.

4, goods of fill and discharge air is very convenient.

5, large volume, the loading of the goods.

6, the standard specifications, in the port and the ship can cascade, save a lot of space.

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