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What are the Beijing container trailer rental

by:Lida Group     2020-07-07
What are the ways of container trailer lease

container house in the transport or not only in terms of temporary residence, has an irreplaceable role. For demand of customer, can through the way of buying and leasing.

container trailer manufacturer below small make up for you to introduce what container house lease way, for your reference. occasions, suitable for different of this lease period rent, cheng, flexible lease, the following simple introduce to everyone, the characteristics of the several methods of container leasing and differences.

time charter is according to the time the container leasing, container leasing price calculation, the lease price is only affected by the length of the lease, the general situation is long-term rental price is lower than average short-term lease, the lease of the process, regardless of the purpose of the container, container leasing company in the time of lease expires timely return container is ok, use and leasing are flexible, is the most common way of container leasing.

cheng rent is calculated according to the container's journey, often used for the carriage of cargo container, the container leasing way do not match the location can be borrowed, the lease use is more convenient, especially for one-way transport of goods, not only can save the place after container storage cost, also can lease use anytime and anywhere, the most reasonable use of the resources of the lease, but also more troublesome, container leasing costs generally pay three times, is divided into deposit, suitcase cost, of return cost three modules.

finally is flexible lease, this lease way in the face of the main cooperation is a long-term lease of users, providing them with a kind of welfare, in the process of long-term leases, the intermediate need not use to free up time, back in time, reduce the container idle cost, and more flexible to use.
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