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What are the characteristics of light steel workshop

by:Lida Group     2022-02-13
Light steel workshops have always been a product well-known to the public. As the most common product developed in the 1970s and 1980s, they are still in wide demand. Light steel workshops are often divided into other light steel structure workshops. This type of factory is also one of the factories that the masses are more familiar with. Let's understand it together.

Under normal circumstances, light steel structures refer to hot-rolled H-beams, welded H-beams, high-frequency welded steels, cold-formed thin-walled steels, thin-walled steel pipes, and welded thin-plate variable-section beams, The structure composed of columns, etc. It is very different from ordinary steel construction. Ordinary steel structures are usually composed of composite columns, steel roof trusses and large-tonnage crane beams, which are more suitable for structures with large loads or cranes. With the adjustment of my country's industrial structure, ordinary steel structures have been reduced from time to time, but light steel structures have gradually increased.

The selection of light-shaped thick steel plates; the multi-colored plated profiled plates and sandwich metal sheets have long replaced the traditional double-layered sheets with the advantages of light weight, good thermal insulation effect, faster installation speed and beautiful appearance. The infill wall of the factory building has become the raw material of the building envelope that cannot be lacked in the double-layer light steel factory building. Lightweight bent-frame construction is beneficial for significantly reducing structural weight and reducing compliance with fundamentals.

The live load is large; due to the accumulation of raw materials and the rules of the production process, the live load of the double-storey light steel workshop is much higher than that of the double-storey industrial building. More suspension and centralized load The suspension load of the double-storey workshop mainly includes the installation load, the processing production line, the crane, the decoration ceiling and other loads, while the centralized load mainly includes the weight of the machinery and equipment, and sometimes there will continue to be machines. Equipment vibration loads.

Structural jump-floor planning; the structures of double-storey buildings with the same use are mostly symmetrically planned, and for double-storey light steel workshops, in order to think about the processing technology rules, structural jumps often occur, which promotes the use of concrete floor slabs. If it is not detailed, the uniformity of the mass along the height is destroyed, and in the event of an earthquake disaster, distortion will occur. And because of the 'short column effect'. Make the horizontal shear stress become the dominant factor of some column segments.

The above is the whole content of the characteristics of the light steel workshop explained to you. Thank you for reading. For more product knowledge, please pay attention to our company's official website for inquiries or call us for consultation. I wish you a happy weekend, thank you for watching, and see you next time!

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