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What are the characteristics of the construction fence on the construction site for safe construction

by:Lida Group     2023-05-22
The construction fence on the construction site exists to isolate the construction site from the external environment, making the construction site a relatively closed space, making the construction more secure, preventing emergencies in the construction, and isolating open. Due to the long construction period and wide range of influence of most municipal projects, there is a great demand for construction enclosures on construction sites. In addition, after the completion of different engineering projects, the enclosure facilities need to be relocated, which puts forward higher requirements for the firmness and service life of the construction enclosure. In order to meet the installation requirements of modern construction sites, the new site construction enclosures must have the following characteristics: first, the materials used for the enclosures are light and easy to assemble on site; second, the steel plate main body and concrete foundation can be repeatedly disassembled and reused The third is that the construction site construction cost is not too high; the fourth is the socket connection between the enclosure and the foundation, the foundation and the ground, and the installation must be firm to meet the needs of coastal typhoon-prone climates; It is convenient to post all kinds of publicity patterns, with beautiful appearance, which can meet the role of publicizing urban cultural construction in municipal construction and beautify the construction environment.
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