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What are the classification of integrated house in Beijing

by:Lida Group     2020-07-03
Integrated house what classification integration of 1: what are the classification of caigang trailer:

at the construction site use of prefabricated house is also a kind of integrated housing, caigang trailer adopts C payments, h-beam welding frame, wall panel and roof panel using insulation caigang sandwich panels, of simple houses that have been assembled.

2: light steel structure housing

light steel house has very good heat preservation performance, because his design is safe and livable oriented, itself contains thermal insulation layer and insulating layer, prevent heat bridge phenomenon, the room is very warm in winter, summer is very cool, really warm in winter and cool in summer. In most of the region can basically do not a stove in winter, summer without air conditioning.

integrated housing also has very good shock resistance, because it is chosen as the load-bearing structure of the building, light steel keel steel structure housing has good toughness and ductility, can resist 8 magnitude earthquake, very safe, very practical.

light steel structure housing

in addition of the light steel housing construction speed is very quick, a 200 ㎡ building for a few weeks can be completed. Because in addition to the foundation, light steel housing materials are needed for the transportation to the scene after the factory like to assemble cars assembled, this not only reduces the construction difficulty, quality is also very good control of the building.

3: wooden: wood is bearing component made of wood or logs for single layer or multi-layer wood structure. Wooden house warm in winter and cool in summer, tide moisture resistance, strong sex not only, also contains rich culture breath, simple and elegant. Wooden house has the following features: energy saving

building energy efficiency is the structure of the building's structure and materials of the thermal insulation properties. Wooden walls and roof truss system by the wooden cladding panel specification material, wood base structure and heat preservation cotton and so on, the test results show that the 150 mm thick wooden wall, its heat preservation ability is equivalent to 610 mm thick brick wall, timberwork building is relatively concrete structure, can be energy-saving 50% - - - - - - - - - - - - 70%.

green wood is the only major building materials, renewable in energy consumption, greenhouse gas, air and water pollution, and ecological resources, wood structure of environmental protection cabin is far better than that of the brick structure and steel structure, is recognized as green building.

comfortable because of timberwork excellent thermal insulation properties, people can enjoy the timberwork residence warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, wood for natural material, green pollution-free, won't cause harm to human body, material permeability is good, easy to maintain indoor air pure and fresh and humidity balance.

structure stability Gao Mucai relatively strong toughness and other materials and panel structure, make it to the impact load and cyclic fatigue damage has a strong resistance, which has the best shock-resistant, wood structure under various extreme accords with a condition, all show the excellent stability and structural integrity, particularly in the tropics is easy to be affected by the hurricane and destructive earthquake struck areas, such as Japan and North America, especially its performance.
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