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What are the deficiency of container house

by:Lida Group     2020-07-15
What are the deficiency of container house

container is a relatively new building, many experts also very bullish on the building, think container house is a new economic growth point in the future. But judging from the current, container houses, although has many advantages, but also still exist some defects, is also one of the focuses of container housing development in the future.

1。 First of all, because the container house is built according to the shape of the container. As a result, the shape of the container house there is a certain limit, basic it is square, the change of the external bad too, only in the internal related design. 2. In addition, the container houses the main role is in the field of temporary housing, the temporary site, field operation, etc. There are certain limitations, how to broaden the use performance of the building, is also a focus for the future development of container house. 3. Container security of the building as a whole so no matter in the field of earthquake or wind is higher, but when the housing is superimposed into three layers, whether still like this there is no reasonable validation, is currently exploring a problem. Although, container houses, some problems still exist, but also believe that in the process of unceasing development, the product also will continue to improve, so as to meet the demand of people, become the economic growth point.
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