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What are the differences between the different living one container waterproof thermal insulation

by:Lida Group     2020-07-13
What are the differences between the different living people container waterproof thermal insulation

live one container trailer is mainly divided into white top white box, iron box and iron box three categories, the three categories and container in waterproof thermal insulation properties vary, the following will give you the concrete introduce different living people have what different container waterproof thermal insulation.

winter cold weather, if there is rain can let a person feel special cold, frozen a bit can't stand it. And a white box and iron box type iron roof live container waterproof performance is relatively better, iron box and iron box white box type of live one container roof than that of white top white box type of live container roof more than a layer of top frame and roof, roof structure is more advantageous to drainage, now the weather is cold, especially the people who live in container activity room must be prepared to prevent frostbite. Thin walls can not maintain indoor appropriate temperature very well, you need to use air conditioning or heating continuous heating, keep indoor appropriate temperature, make people live more at ease and comfortable. In addition, for not installed usage of air conditioning and heating container living people, the people inside the more people want to do is make sure live around the container without too much the existence of the gap, in order to avoid the cold wind of blow to come in, cause a lot of trouble to people. After container house waterproof thermal insulation can also effectively prevent the presence of water, reduce the influence of rain weather. At the same time, the structure of the roof and sandwich board smallpox make indoor leakage of general won't appear, people can live more comfortable.
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