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What are the key points to pay attention to in the acceptance of the mobile room? How much is the mobile room

by:Lida Group     2022-03-02

What are the key points to pay attention to when accepting a prefab? How much does a prefab house cost per square meter

Although the prefab house is relatively simple to build, the acceptance work after completion cannot be ignored, otherwise there will be some non-responsibility problems in the future, and deal with it It's more troublesome. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following four points when checking and accepting a prefabricated house:

The first is to inspect from the appearance, check the appearance by yourself, the house The overall shape should not have too obvious depressions, and the overall color of the prefab should be consistent;

Second, it is necessary to focus on fire performance The main part is to check whether the wires in the house are exposed, but not hidden in the fireproof pipes, whether the inner and outer iron sheets of the color steel sandwich panel are broken, and do not expose the thermal insulation layer in the middle, etc. ;

Third, check for some details that are not easy to attract attention, such as checking for cracks, scratches, observing wall panels, doors, windows and structural parts after assembly Are there any cracks. Whether the opening of doors and windows is flexible, whether the locks can be used normally, and if there is any problem, they should be adjusted in time; Whether there is a hidden danger of water leakage, and if there is any inappropriateness, it should be corrected in time.

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