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What are the material second-hand container production materials

by:Lida Group     2020-07-21
Second-hand container material of what material

second-hand container appearance, production materials, what are the materials data is introduced in the second-hand container material: aluminum alloy, steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic. This should be our common three conditions, in fact there are a number of no introduction to materials, their wooden second-hand container, but I don't know if use widely.

second-hand container for the common material, the advantages of aluminum alloy is lighter in weight, appearance is very beautiful, concrete corrosion, elastic, use fixed number of year is long, etc. Aluminum alloy second-hand container disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, how much is a bit of a problem in welding joint, but also can be accepted. Intensity big, firm structure, welding joint and nice second-hand container nature is steel, it's watertight performance is good, price is relatively cheap, anticorrosion sex differences with a big weight is its only shortcoming. Second-hand container glass steel is one of the common, its specific strength, good rigidity, large content, thermal insulation, chemical resistance is good, also very good cleaning effect, is also very convenient to repair. This second-hand container weight is bigger, is easy to aging, especially it can reduce the intensity of screw bolt, but there's a lot of second-hand container choose this kind of material, because its advantages, as for the disadvantages in efforts to overcome.
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