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What are the measures people live container rust?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-12
In recent years, container continuous promotion of her live container of some related problems are also beginning to highlight. Related to live of the container of rust phenomenon is a very headache problem. What are the measures people live container rust? A: sealed outfield wall because of long-term exposure of steel materials in cold outdoor environment is prone to rust, and composed of light steel structure lives one container in the application process is very easy to appear the phenomenon. To avoid living container suffered harmful rust, can adopt the method of sealing the outfield wall to prevent the outdoor cold gas into the room. 2: thanks to moistureproof goods has many social ideology on the way to more want to choose to live outside of their container, gathering traffic can also lead to container internal moisture gathered. By this time the user can rely on some goods with moistureproof effect, for example in one container inside can post some moisture-proof insulation materials to block raw gas invasion. Three: impact on the wall to carry out the maintenance of rust on time could live one container first condition, customers can according to the above two ways to manipulate the container of rust in case stopped. If find container wall or key architecture appear rust condition, the user should be timely antirust treatment and painting service.
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