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What are the practical characteristics of chamber room

by:Lida Group     2020-07-21
Chamber room what are the practical characteristics of

what are the practical characteristics of box type room

chamber room due to the practical is the primary choice, and there has been a preliminary space in the design division, box-type room don't have to like our house at ordinary times need large-scale decoration, but in the process of living, or according to its architectural characteristics, follow the principle of simple and flexible modification or decoration.

the structure stability of box room, roof waterproof design, the structure is don't need to do any waterproof processing. External walls and roofing compare Ming yan color, texture soft, board face level off, with steel skeleton is very harmonious, adornment effect is very good, the inside of the housing can be adornment sex is very strong.

chamber room due to assemble flexible, easy to decorate, so the current domestic up container type room used as accommodation. Generally don't live as a long-term use, so the cabinet room furniture should also try to choose the design of medium weight, convenient move, can live in the process of position adjustment, and easy migration in the future. According to ansett cheng senior stylist introduction, first of all, before check-in, should by professional personnel of foundation as well as the module room installation quality inspection, to ensure safety.

at the airport, box-type room available for passengers on the plane transfer, the airport, the plane delays, etc. Even if it is just a temporary rest place, but each 'sleeping box' within the facility is complete. In addition to the three beds, also equipped with charging socket, LED reading lamp, wireless networks, touch screen, TV, electric shutter, built-in payment platform, safe and baggage storage, etc.
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